Sheena Russell, Executive PA - Secretarial and administrtative support provided by a highly experienced PA

Are you looking for a release from spending long, frustrating hours working on your general administrative tasks?
Do you make the most cost effective or efficient use of your time and skills?


Sheena Russell, Executive PA understands the dilemma faced by consultants, executives and 'on the move' professionals. Your life can be made easier by passing over time consuming administrative processes to a competent Executive PA. This will position you to be more productive and to spend your time on activities that will increase your revenue.

We work from a fully equipped remote office specifically tailored to cope with the demands of busy clients. Correspondence is carried out via telephone, e-mail, fax, instant messaging and post.

Sheena Russell carries full Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurances and is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998.


How will this service benefit you?
The first and foremost advantage will be the cost efficiency to your business. We will only work the hours you require. There are no 'idle' times, no employer's NI, holiday, sick or training costs to be met or expensive equipment to purchase.

You will have the assistance of a highly skilled secretary with over 25 years experience at your disposal. Thus enabling you to free up your time and concentrate on your business.

Unlike Agency staff, you will be guaranteed continuity of service as your Executive PA will be dedicated to you, building a good working relationship and a solid knowledge of your business needs.

Remember: there are no hidden extras - no additional office space, no extra equipment, no re-training of temps, no coffee breaks or days off.

Entrepreneurial Award July 2008 - please see this and other awards here


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